Find the anagram pairs of from 2 lists and create a list of tuples of the anagrams

say I have two lists

list_1 = [ 'Tar', 'Arc', 'Elbow', 'State', 'Cider', 'Dusty', 'Night', 'Inch', 'Brag', 'Cat', 'Bored', 'Save', 'Angel','bla', 'Stressed', 'Dormitory', 'School master','Awesoame', 'Conversation', 'Listen', 'Astronomer', 'The eyes', 'A gentleman', 'Funeral', 'The Morse Code', 'Eleven plus two', 'Slot machines', 'Fourth of July', 'Jim Morrison', 'Damon Albarn', 'George Bush', 'Clint Eastwood', 'Ronald Reagan', 'Elvis', 'Madonna Louise Ciccone', 'Bart', 'Paris', 'San Diego', 'Denver', 'Las Vegas', 'Statue of Liberty']


list_B = ['Cried', 'He bugs Gore', 'They see', 'Lives', 'Joyful Fourth', 'The classroom', 'Diagnose', 'Silent', 'Taste', 'Car', 'Act', 'Nerved', 'Thing', 'A darn long era', 'Brat', 'Twelve plus one', 'Elegant man', 'Below', 'Robed', 'Study', 'Voices rant on', 'Chin', 'Here come dots', 'Real fun', 'Pairs', 'Desserts', 'Moon starer', 'Dan Abnormal', 'Old West action', 'Built to stay free', 'One cool dance musician', 'Dirty room', 'Grab', 'Salvages', 'Cash lost in me', "Mr. Mojo Risin'", 'Glean', 'Rat', 'Vase']

What I am looking for is to find the anagram pairs of list_A in list_B. Create a list of tuples of the anagrams. For one list I can do the following and generate the list of tuples, however, for two lists I need some assistance. Thanks in advance for the help!

What I have tried for one list,

from collections import defaultdict

anagrams = defaultdict(list)
for w in list_A:


You can use a nested for loop, outer for the first list, inner for the second (also, use str.lower to make it case-insensitive):

anagram_pairs = [] #  (w_1 from list_A, w_2 from list_B)

for w_1 in list_A:
    for w_2 in list_B:
        if sorted(w_1.lower()) == sorted(w_2.lower()):
            anagram_pairs.append((w_1, w_2))



[('Tar', 'Rat'), ('Arc', 'Car'), ('Elbow', 'Below'), ('State', 'Taste'), ('Cider', 'Cried'), ('Dusty', 'Study'), ('Night', 'Thing'), ('Inch', 'Chin'), ('Brag', 'Grab'), ('Cat', 'Act'), ('Bored', 'Robed'), ('Save', 'Vase'), ('Angel', 'Glean'), ('Stressed', 'Desserts'), ('School master', 'The classroom'), ('Listen', 'Silent'), ('The eyes', 'They see'), ('A gentleman', 'Elegant man'), ('The Morse Code', 'Here come dots'), ('Eleven plus two', 'Twelve plus one'), ('Damon Albarn', 'Dan Abnormal'), ('Elvis', 'Lives'), ('Bart', 'Brat'), ('Paris', 'Pairs'), ('Denver', 'Nerved')]