Get the value of specific key from JSON file python

I have a JSON file containing the list of price changes of all cryptocurrencies I want to extract all 'percentage' for all the coins.

Using the code below it throws TypeError: string indices must be integers (which I know is totally wrong, Basically trying to understand how can I search for percentage and get its value for all items)

with open('balance.txt') as json_file:
    data = json.load(json_file)

for json_i in data:

Any help is appreciated

I have attached the json file hereJSON FILE

Below is the sample of JSON file for those who dont want to open link



Extract it using list comprehension.

percentage_list = [value['percentage'] for value in data.values()]
priceChangePercent_list = [value['info']['priceChangePercent'] for value in data.values()]

[3.941, 0.579, 2.285]
['3.941', '0.579', '2.285']