How can I extract this information with Python without simulating clicks?

I’m scraping Ali Express products such as this one using Python. It has multiple variations, each with its own price. When one is clicked on, the price is updated to reflect this choice.

In a similar fashion, there are multiple buttons to choose where you want the item to be shipped from, which updates the shipping cost accordingly.

I want to scrape each variation’s price as sent from each country. How can I do that without simulating clicks to change the prices so that I can scrape them? Where is the underlying logic that governs these price changes laid out? I couldn’t find it when inspecting elements. Is it easily decipherable?

Or do I just need to give up and simulate clicks? If so, would that be done with Selenium? The reason I would prefer to extract it without clicking is that, for products such as the one I linked to, for example, there are 49 variations and 5 places from which the product is shipped so it would be a lot of clicking and a rather inelegant approach.

Thanks a lot!


take a look in the browser, all the data is in the dom

type in you console you will see