How can I render an image from a PDF with python as Microsoft Edge is doing?

So when I produce a JPEG from a PDF with Wand and Python, I can see how some lines of the staff are different size, but when I zoom with MS Edge, they’re same size… and I can not find the way of doing it same way.


enter image description here

Cairo enter image description here

First answer method:

convert +antialias -density 1200 Betlem.pdf -alpha off -resize 640x -monochrome A_betlem_m_en_vull_anar.png

Rasterized image with data loss

I’ve tried poppler, pdftocairo, pdf2(png¦svg), inkscape, etc…

pdf = wi(filename = "Betlem.pdf", resolution = 300)
pdfImage = pdf.convert("jpeg")
d = 1
for img in pdfImage.sequence:
   page = wi(image=img)"Betlem_" + str(d) + ".jpg")
   d += 1

I expect a result where I can see the staff and notes same way of scaling than in Edge (best) or Firefox (great).

As follows the PDF:


You can see how it is rendering bad because of errors in the SVG information on the PDF: enter image description here


Using Imagemagick Q16 Mac OSX and Ghostscript 9.25, I can convert at high quality using supersampling (4x nominal 72 dpi density and resize down by 1/4 to normal scale) as

convert -density 288 A_betlem_m_en_vull_anar.pdf -alpha off -resize 25% A_betlem_m_en_vull_anar.png

enter image description here

How does this compare to your MS Edge view? (Download my image and view it).


Here is the same code in Python Wand, which uses Imagemagick.


from wand.image import Image

with Image(filename='A_betlem_m_en_vull_anar.pdf', resolution=288) as img:

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