How can I specify a specific default installation directory with Conan?

I am seeking to deploy (on Linux) a Conan package on a system and there is no deploy() method specified in the So (I believe) this means the package will be installed in the current directory.

Instead I’d like to specify a default directory. I have tried using conan install -if /some/directory but get:

conan install: error: unrecognized arguments: -if  /some/directory 

(It seems I need to couple -g with -if ? But I’m not trying to build the package just deploy it.)

Is there a way to do this? Have I understood the default behaviour correctly?

Update: Writing the question helped clarify my thoughts so I tried with conan install -g deploy -if /some/directory PACKAGE and while I no longer get the -if related error message, it still doesn’t work: merely leaving a conanbuildinfo.txt file in the specified directory.


Short answer appears to be I can’t.