How to change the hue order in Seaborn plots?

I am new to Seaborn and this is probably a very trivial question, however I’m struggling with the solution. I have a Pandas dataset named titanic I am plotting a bar chart as described in the Seaborn official documentation, using the following code:

import seaborn as sns

titanic = sns.load_dataset("titanic")
sns.catplot(x="sex", y="survived", hue="class", kind="bar", data=titanic)

This produces the following plot:

enter image description here

As you can see, the hue is represented by the class. Question is: How can I manually choose the hue order so that I can reverse the current one?


In order to manually select the hue order of a Seaborn plot, you have to define the desired order as a list and then pass it to the plot function as the argument hue_order . The following code would work:

import seaborn as sns

titanic = sns.load_dataset("titanic")
hue_order = ['Third', 'Second', 'First']
sns.catplot(x="sex", y="survived", hue="class", data=titanic, hue_order=hue_order, kind="bar")