How to create a Pandas DataFrame with columns?

Basically, I have 2 lists in python

list1 = ['Archaeology', 'Astronomy', 'Biology', 'Botany']
list2 = ['soccer', 'basketball', 'tennis', 'baseball', 'golf', 'running', 'volleyball']

And now, I want to create a DataFrame in Pandas that looks like this :

(Image) How I want the DataFrame to look

How do I go about this task ?


You can simply use the pandas.DataFrame constructor. You can’t construct it as columns directly as the number of elements is unequal (this wouldn’t work), but you can make it as rows and transpose:

pd.DataFrame([list1, list2], index=['academics', 'sports']).T


     academics      sports
0  Archaeology      soccer
1    Astronomy  basketball
2      Biology      tennis
3       Botany    baseball
4         None        golf
5         None     running
6         None  volleyball