How to display a column name which isnt going to be in groupby or agg function?

I have Comp(PL,Bundesliga etc) column and gls column and player column


By using this I can max goals in each league


de Bundesliga         41

eng Premier League    23

es La Liga            30

fr Ligue 1            27

it Serie A            29

But how can I display the player’s name who has scored this goal?

I have used this ,

f = {'Gls': 'max','Player': 'first'} 
standard.groupby(['Comp'], as_index=False).agg(f)

It still wont give the desired result, as it just displays first names from each league

    Comp            Gls Player

0   de Bundesliga   41  Issah AbbasIssah-Abbas

1   eng Premier League  23  Patrick van AanholtPatrick-van-Aanholt

2   es La Liga  30  Sabit AbdulaiSabit-Abdulai

3   fr Ligue 1  27  Ismael AanebaIsmael-Aaneba

4   it Serie A  29  Gennaro AcamporaGennaro-Acampora


You can go for idxmax to find the indices of those maximum and loc the frame with those to get also the player information: