How to do a screenshot of a tkinter application?

I need to do a screenshot of the content of the tkinter application below. I am on Windows 7 (or 8).

from Tkinter import *

def test(x):    
    #print "I'm in event:", x
    if x == 1:            # if event on entry e1 
        print 'e1 event' # do some thing
    elif x == 2:            # also if event on entry e2    
        print 'e2 event'  # do some thing else
        print 'no event' 

def test1(x):

def test2(x):



e1.bind( "<FocusOut>", test1) 
e2.bind( "<FocusOut>", test2)   
button=Button(root, text='print').pack(side=BOTTOM)



Since you mentioned that you are on Windows. You can use the Win32 API as directed in this answer Fastest way to take a screenshot with python on windows. Hope this helps.

But actually Pyscreenshot should be what you are looking for.

Take the following code for example:

from pyscreenshot import grab

im = grab(bbox=(100, 200, 300, 400))

As you can see you can use bbox to take screenshot that is at co-ordinates (100, 200) and has a width of 300 and a height of 400.

Also as regards the printing check out Printing using win32api. I hope these help.

Using PIL you can do a resize:

from PIL import Image
from pyscreenshot import grab

img = grab(bbox=(100, 200, 300, 400))

# to keep the aspect ratio
w = 300
h = 400
maxheight = 600
maxwidth = 800
ratio = min(maxwidth/width, maxheight/height)
# correct image size is not #oldsize * ratio#

# img.resize(...) returns a resized image and does not effect img unless
# you assign the return value
img = img.resize((h * ratio, width * ratio), Image.ANTIALIAS)

I would advise changing your program so that you can resize the image before printing

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