how to iterate over array of jsons in Python

I have an array that looks like:

  item =   [{'name': 'first'}, {'name': 'second', 'something': 'something4'},  {'name': 'third', 'hu': 'g'}]

I want to write a function that given a key it will return the json that contains the key. For example: by for first it will return {'name': 'first'} for third it will return {'name': 'third', 'hu': 'g'}

This is what I wrote so far

def func(obj, val_to_search , key_to_search):
    j = json.loads(item)
    for item in j:
        if j[key_to_search] = val_to_search
           return j

func(obj=item, val_to_search='first', key_to_search='name')

but this doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?


item is already a Python object:

item = [{
    'name': 'first'
}, {
    'name': 'second',
    'something': 'something4'
}, {
    'name': 'third',
    'hu': 'g'

def func(obj, val_to_search, key_to_search):
    for item in obj:
        if item[key_to_search] == val_to_search:
            return item

res = func(obj=item, val_to_search='first', key_to_search='name')


{'name': 'first'}