How to loop through a list multiple times?

Can you loop through list (using range that has a step in it) over and over again until all the elements in the list are accessed by the loop?

I have the following lists:

result = []
list = ['ba', 'cb', 'dc', 'ed', 'gf', 'jh']

i want the outcome (result) to be:

result = ['dc', 'cb', 'ba', 'jh', 'gf', 'ed']

How do i make it loop through the first list, and appending each element to result list, starting from the third element and using 5 as a step, until all the elements are in the results list?


Assuming the step and the length of the list are coprime, you can do:

result = []
list = ['ba', 'cb', 'dc', 'ed', 'gf', 'jh']
start = 2
step = 5
end = start + step*len(list)
for i in range(start, end, step):
print result


['dc', 'cb', 'ba', 'jh', 'gf', 'ed']