how to make 2 columns with sphinx

I want to make multiple columns on my documentation.

Globally, i would like to do something similar as this homepage, where there is 3 columns : one with current release, one with news & updates, and Basics.

When i search on google about multiple columns in Sphinx, i found about splitting a list in 2 columns which is not my case

On the wiki the only things i found with multiple columns is the table, but i don’t think this can apply here ?

Is this possible in rst files using Sphinx ?

Thanks a lot


Ok i finally found it :

you can use container keyword in sphinx/rst files to separate things

.. container:: twocol

    .. container:: leftside

        text on left column

    .. container:: rightside

        text on right column

And then in your .css file :

div.leftside {
  width: 43%;
  padding: 0px 3px 0px 0px;
  float: left;

div.rightside {
  margin-left: 45%;
  /* float: right; */

With this method, you can write everything you want in the container (image, links, text, … and it will be displayed properly.

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