How to make flask extensions support i18n? Code Answer

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I am developing a app which using flask and some extensions like flask-peewee, flask-wtf, etc.. The problem is, I want to translate strings in these extensions into Chinese, how to modify these extensions to support i18n?

I know flask-babel can make app support i18n, but it didn’t support i18n of other modules, especially extensions of flask.

And I don’t want to directly change strings in these modules, because it’s a dirty way.

Can any body help me?


Flask-wtf form already support i18n, it supported by default next locales, and you always can add missing.

I don’t find any information about peewee i18n support, but I also don’t found any language specific messages there.

For wftpeewee I found only support gettext usage in code without translation files, so you can just try translate this few strings in main application or update wtforms translation files.

For flask-peewee I don’t find any support in code and templates, so look like you will fix this yourself.

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