How to quickly get the last line of a huge csv file (48M lines)?

I have a csv file that grows until it reaches approximately 48M of lines.

Before adding new lines to it, I need to read the last line.

I tried the code below, but it got too slow and I need a faster alternative:

def return_last_line(filepath):    
    with open(filepath,'r') as file:        
        for x in file:
        return x        


Here is my take, in python: I created a function that lets you choose how many last lines, because the last lines may be empty.

def get_last_line(file, how_many_last_lines = 1):

    # open your file using with: safety first, kids!
    with open(file, 'r') as file:

        # find the position of the end of the file: end of the file stream
        end_of_file =,2)
        # set your stream at the end: seek the final position of the file             
        # trace back each character of your file in a loop
        n = 0
        for num in range(end_of_file+1):            
   - num)    
            # save the last characters of your file as a string: last_line
            last_line =
            # count how many 'n' you have in your string: 
            # if you have 1, you are in the last line; if you have 2, you have the two last lines
            if last_line.count('n') == how_many_last_lines: 
                return last_line
get_last_line('lala.csv', 2)

This lala.csv has 48 million lines, such as in your example. It took me 0 seconds to get the last line.

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