How to server undeafen a member in

I want to automatically undeafen members in my server with a bot.

I know that I can unmute a member with member.edit(mute = False) so I thought that I could use the following command: member.edit(deaf = False) since deaf is an attribute of VoiceState just like deaf but it doesn’t seem to work.

    async def on_voice_state_update(self, member, before, after):
        if after.mute:
            await member.edit(mute = False)
        if after.deaf:
            await member.edit(deaf = False)

The “mute” part works and the if after.deaf: works too, so the problem is with await member.edit(deaf = False).


It’s not deaf but deafen

await member.edit(deafen=False)


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