I’m unable to figure out how to pass input from user

class Temperature():
 def convertF(self,c):
    return c*1.8+32

 def convertC(self,f):
    return (f-32)*(5/9)


I’ve creating a class Temperature, then I created 2 methods one for converting Celsius to Farhenite and another for converting the latter to former. Now I want to take the values of Celsius and Farhenite from user but I’m getting the error-“Temperature() takes no arguments.”

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


If you want to use Temperature(<value>), you need a constructor. Once you have a constructor, your other methods dont need parameters

class Temperature():
 def __init__(self, temp):
    self.temp = temp

 def convertF(self):
    return self.temp * 1.8 + 32

 def convertC(self):
    return (self.temp-32)*(5/9)

print(n_temp.convertC())  # you need to call the function

Or you can use static methods if you don’t want to use a constructor (since the constructor itself doesn’t know if the input is in Celcius, Farenheit, or Kelvin), but then you would need to remove the argument from the class initialization, and pass it to the functions

# call a static method
print(Temperature.convertC(0))  # 32