IndexError: list index out of range – API

Hi I am generating random data to csv file based on Opensea API. Problem is I am limited by the list size on the API. Is there a way to get around that?

Here is my code:

r = requests.get(' birds&order_direction=asc&offset=' + (str(x)) + '&limit=1')
jsonResponse = r.json()
name = jsonResponse['assets'][0]['name']
description = jsonResponse['assets'][0]['description']
print('Name: ' + name)
print('Description: ' + str(description))

And I get this error:

Traceback (most recent call last): File
line 1855, in <module>
name = jsonResponse['assets'][0]['name'] IndexError: list index out of range


When working with APIs, it is good practice to check first if the request was successful before accessing the response. You may call r.raise_for_status() first and handle the error scenario. Then before accessing the list, check first if it is not empty.

r = requests.get(...)
    r.raise_for_status()  # Check if the request was successful
    jsonResponse = r.json()  # Check if the response is in JSON format
except requests.HTTPError, JSONDecodeError:
    # Handle error scenario
    if jsonResponse['assets']:  # Check first if there are assets returned
        # Proceed as usual
        name = jsonResponse['assets'][0]['name']
        description = jsonResponse['assets'][0]['description']
    else:  # This means that the assets are empty. Depending on your use case logic, handle it accordingly.
        # Handle empty assets scenario