Is storing user configuration settings on database OK? [closed]

I’m building a fairly large enterprise application made in python that on its first version will require network connection.

I’ve been thinking in keeping some user settings stored on the database, instead of a file in the users home folder.

Some of the advantages I’ve thought of are:

  • the user can change computers keeping all its settings
  • settings can be backed up along with the rest of the systems data (not a big concern)

What would be some of the caveats of this approach?


This is pretty standard. Go for it.

The caveat is that when you take the database down for maintenance, no one can use the app because their profile is inaccessible. You can either solve that by making a 100%-on db solution, or, more easily, through some form of caching of profiles locally (an “offline” mode of operations). That would allow your app to function whether the user or the db are off the network.