Is there any easy way to get “value” of a cookie and save it in a .txt file using python?

I am trying to get cookies from a website to automate certain requests. Currently, I’m using selenium’s get_cookie function to get the cookie.


This returns a dict in the following format:

{'domain': 'website-name-here', 'expiry': 29630, 'name': 'cookie-name', 'path': '/', 'value':'the-string-that-I-need'}

I only need the data under the ‘value’ attribute. If there is any easier way to get value in JS, I’m open to that as well.


If I have a dict like this :

cookies = {'domain': 'website-name-here', 'expiry': 29630, 'name': 'cookie-name', 'path': '/', 'value':'the-string-that-I-need'}

the easiest way would be to get the value is to use .get

val = cookies.get('value')

or in other words, the below code also should return the value.