is this is good to start Django as a beginner programmer of python?

I was started python in Apr 2019 First I completed the syntax of python and then move toward the GUI of python like(pyqt5, Tkinter, Kivi) now I have good knowledge about these graphic user interfaces.
so my question is that is it best to move toward a web developing side like Django?
or any other best option you guys are knowing about please help me.


Unfortunately this question does not have an objective answer, but it’s worth considering a few key things such as:

  • What do you want to create
  • What kinds of skills do you want to have
  • What kind of environment would you like to run your projects in

If you’re interested in using Python to develop web applications then Django is a good option for an all-purpose tool, but there are other alternatives out there for Python and other languages which may be more suited to what you’d like to do.

If you’re more interested in simply upgrading your skill-set, and learning new things then Django is still a good pick, as it will make use of your existing Python skills while you learn about different concepts such as networking, databases, etc.

There’s really no way of saying objectively what the best next step is for you, but learning Django won’t be a bad choice.

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