Issue sending keys, values to django Q()

I am trying to filter some IDs using a django query and trying to do it efficiently, I want to get the same result I got from a less efficient function I created before, but I am getting an issue with the dictionary key using Q

from tmd import models
from django.db.models import Q

category = {
    "utility": models.Account.UTILITY, 
    "system": models.Account.SYSTEM
country = {
    "United States": models.Country.objects.get(name='USA'),
    "Canada": models.Country.objects.get(name='CA'),

def get_a(stage=None, **kwargs):
        base_args =[]
        for key, value in kwargs.items():
            base_args.append(Q(key= value))
        a_ids = models.Account.objects.filter(*base_args).values_list('id', flat=True)
        print("Number of a_ids: {}".format(a_ids.count()))
        return a_ids


a_ids = get_a(country=country["USA"], category=category["utility"])

The issue is located exactly in this line:

base_args.append(Q(key= value))

If I can make an input that changes the key for every iteration, this will be solved


You want

base_args.append( Q( **{ key: value} ))

I’m wondering whether you need Q. The same way of handling dynamic kwargs can get you to

a_ids = models.Account.objects.filter( stage__in=stage
           )                  .filter( **kwargs 

which is and-logic of the various keyword=value filter terms