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Suppose I have the following list:

temp = ['Ok', 'Whoa. Robot?']

How do I get a string that looks like

"1) 'Ok', 2) 'Whoa. Robot?'"

I’m trying to do this for a list comprehension. I can obviously join them using:

" ".join(temp)

I can do it in a loop in a fairly ugly way:

mystring = ""
temp = ['Ok', 'Whoa. Robot?']
for i in range(len(temp)):
    mystring += str(i) + ") " + temp[i] + "  "

Is there a pythonic way to do it in one step with a list comprehension?


mystring = ', '.join(["{}) {!r}".format(i, s) for i, s in enumerate(temp, 1)])

The {!r} conversion produces the repr() representation of the string, so you get quotes around the parts, but note that the quotes may change depending on the string’s content, or in other words if it contains quotes itself.

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