nosetests is capturing the output of my print statements. How to circumvent this?

When I type

$ nosetests -v

all my print outputs are captured when all tests pass. I want to see print outputs even everything passes.

So what I’m doing is to force an assertion error to see the output, like this.

class MyTest(TestCase):

    def setUp(self):
        self.debug = False

    def test_0(self):
        a = .... # construct an instance of something
        # ... some tests statements
        print a.dump()
        if self.debug:

It feels so hackish, there must be a better way. Enlighten me please.



$ nosetests --nocapture


$ NOSE_NOCAPTURE=1 nosetests

(it can also be specified in the nose.cfg file, see nosetests --help)

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