PySimpleGUI > file_types() not working on macOS

file_types() is not available on macOS.

While browsing it should only show PNG files.

Does anyone know an alternative way to browse through multiple PNG files?

Line 9

# /usr/bin/python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import PySimpleGUI as sg

def main():

    layout = [
             [sg.FilesBrowse(button_text='Galaxie(n) hochladen', file_types=('.png'), key='_FILES_')],

    window = sg.Window('Vorverarbeitung', layout, background_color='#1e1e1e')

    while True:
        event, values =
        if event in (None, 'Exit'):


In the main PySimpleGUI documentation, if you search for file_types you’ll find this:

enter image description here

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