Python (almost fine): string splitter

I’m doing a lab to split an odd string and print out first half, middle char, second half. Code is working fine, except I can’t get rid of the middle char when printing out the second half. Here it is:

str = input("Enter an odd length string: ")
length = len(str)
middle = length // 2
half1 = str[ : middle ]
half2 = str[middle : ]
print("Middle character:",str[middle])
print("First half:",half1)
print("Second half:",half2)

The result is:

Enter an odd length string: Fortune favors the bold
Middle character: o
First half: Fortune fav
Second half: ors the bold

It is wrong because of that ‘o’…

Any clues?

Thanks a lot.


this is the correct half2:

half2 = str[middle+1:]

with ABCDE as input:

string ='ABCDE'
length = len(string) # 5
middle = length // 2 # 2
half1 = string[:middle] # AB
half2 = string[middle+1:] # DE
middle_charachter = string[middle] # C