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I’m newbie. I’m trying to find out a solution to an exercise but i’m not so skilled and I made several attempts with no results.

I have to write sort of a game. To start, the computer has to ask you to decide a number X. If the number is a multiple of 4 the user starts. Otherwise the computer will. Taking turn, computer and user subctract a number from 1 to 3 to “X” and get a value Z. The one who wins the game subtracts the latest balls and lets with no balls to pick the other contestant (in this case the user). I have to write everything in a fashion that the computer will get the wins, always. Below, the code I have so far written.
Any hint?

x = int(input("how many marbles?"))
if x%4==0:
    print("you start")
    y = int(input("subtract 1 or 2 or 3 marbles: "))
    print("there are ",z," marbles left")
    print("computer starts")
    if x==x+3:
        print("there are ",m," marbles left")
    if x==x+2:
        print("there are ",m," marbles left")
    if x==x+1:
        print("there are ",m," marbles left")


You would need to place the logic into a loop and implement a winning condition (given that you are somewhat cheating in deciding who starts, the computer will always win).

Also, your computer player should be checking for the modulo 4 of the number of remaining balls which you can verify using x%4 == 1 for example ( x == x+1 will never be True ). And, given that the computer will always play the modulo 4, you don’t need several conditions, you can just use it directly.

x = int(input("quante palline ci sono? "))
player = 'P' if x%4==0 else 'C'         # player starts if multiple of 4
while x > 0:
    if player == 'P':       
        print('tocca a te')                       # human player
        y = int(input("togli 1,2 o 3 palline: ")) # ask for balls
        x -= y                                    # remove them
        player = 'C'                              # switch player
        m = x%4                         # computer plays x MOD 4
        print("il computer toglia",m)   # tell the human player
        x -= m                          # remove balls
        player = 'P'                    # switch player
    print("sono rimaste",x,"palline")   # report balls remaining
print('il computer vince')              # computer always wins

Sorry if my Italian isn’t great, only did 1 year of it 25 years ago

quante palline ci sono? 12
tocca a te
togli 1,2 o 3 palline: 3
sono rimaste 9 palline
il computer toglia 1
sono rimaste 8 palline
tocca a te
togli 1,2 o 3 palline: 3
sono rimaste 5 palline
il computer toglia 1
sono rimaste 4 palline
tocca a te
togli 1,2 o 3 palline: 1
sono rimaste 3 palline
il computer toglia 3
sono rimaste 0 palline
il computer vince

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