Python: How can i invert string “0110010”? [closed]

I need to invert a string which contains only ‘0’s and ‘1’s(ex. input:”0110010″, output: “1001101”). Which is the best solution in terms of performance?


How to do this with either strings or binary literals.

Easy, use a bitwise operator. This is the proper way to do it, because it’s useful to understand how to use these operators in Python. If this is a task, this seems like the way whoever set the task wanted it to be done.

# Make binary literal (0b prefix)
b = 0b11001001
# And use the complement operator

#Or if you want to print out the binary, try

Here are some examples:

>>> ~0b110011
>>> bin(~0b110001)
>>> bin(~0b11000)

If your binary number is a string:

s = "101"
# bin(~int(s,2)) = "010"

Note, you might want to trim the first three characters off of the space if you want just the binary characters, e.g.


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