Python Pandas – Map each key & value to a unique column

I am in the process of doing some data wrangling and I have come across the following problem.

In my CSV file (that I read through pandas) I have a column called effects. effects look like this:

Row 1: Euphoric 52% Creative 42% Happy 40% ...
Row 2: Relaxed 95% Happy 90% Euphoric 60% ...
Row 3: Happy 64% Uplifted 48% Relaxed 48% ...

and so on and so forth. now there is another column called name that looks like this:

Row 1: Tommy
Row 2: Susan
Row 3: Bruce

What I am trying to do is map each key/value in the effects column to a unique column that corresponds to their appropriate name.

So essentially it would look like this:

       name  euphoric  creative   happy
Row 1: Tommy  52%       42%        40%
Row 2: Susan  60%       n/a        90%
Row 3: Bruce  n/a       n/a        64%

So you can see each effect with its corresponding percentage becomes a unique column for every name (and if the data is not present it’s n/a or null).

I am assuming the answer may include converting the effects object into a list of dictionaries and perhaps some excel text to column action on top to make the mapping easier but I haven’t been able to do it successfully.

any help here would be immensely appreciated.


You can use str.extract like this:

df[['name']].join(df.effects.str.extractall('(w+) (d+%)')
                    .pivot(index='level_0', columns=0, values=1)


         name Creative Euphoric Happy Relaxed Uplifted
Row 1:  Tommy      42%      52%   40%     NaN      NaN
Row 2:  Susan      NaN      60%   90%     95%      NaN
Row 3:  Bruce      NaN      NaN   64%     48%      48%

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