Python parsing json from string

I need to parse json from a partial string I get back from a web service. I have the following snippet of code which is working fine but is extremely ugly. Is there a better or cleaner way to do this?

x = '"1":{"name":"item one","code":"1"},"2":{"name":"item two","code":"2"},"3":{"name":"item three","code":"3"}'
split = x.split('},')
index = 0
for s in split:
    split[index] = '{' + s + '}}'
    index += 1
joined = ','.join(split)
joined = '[' + joined[:-1] + ']'
j = json.loads(joined)

Here is the result:

[{'1': {'name': 'item one', 'code': '1'}},
 {'2': {'name': 'item two', 'code': '2'}},
 {'3': {'name': 'item three', 'code': '3'}}]


You can fix the inconsistency by hand (add the missing braces) and use json module to parse:

data = json.loads('{' + x + '}')

Then you can convert the parsed data to the desired representation:

[{item[0]: item[1]} for item in data.items()]

#[{'1': {'name': 'item one', 'code': '1'}}, 
# {'2': {'name': 'item two', 'code': '2'}}, 
# {'3': {'name': 'item three', 'code': '3'}}]

Otherwise, you will end up implementing your own JSON parser, which is not trivial.