Python redmine collect actual start date and actual completion date

I am trying to collect the actual issue start date and actual completion date from my company Redmine using Python-Redmine. But I CAN NOT find out the attribute of actual completion date. sample screen shot

I tried some common phrases like actual_completion_date/actual_due_date.. and also checked on for the right attribute name. However, still stuck here.

This is my code:

from redminelib import Redmine 
import urllib3

redmine = Redmine('', key=keyRedmine,requests={'verify': False})
issue = redmine.issue.get(326264)
print('start date: ', issue.start_date)
print('actual start date: ', issue.actual_start_date)
print('due date: ', issue.due_date)
print ('actual end date: N/A') # I want to find this value

And here is my output:

start date:  2021-03-03
actual start date:  2021-07-03
due date:  2021-08-25
actual end date: N/A

When I try with my guessed phrase:

print ('actual end date: ',issue.actual_due_date)

The output is:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "d:/", line 22, in <module>
    print ('actual end date: ',issue.actual_due_date)
  File "", line 152, in __getattr__
    return super(Issue, self).__getattr__(attr)
  File "", line 197, in __getattr__
    raise exceptions.ResourceAttrError
redminelib.exceptions.ResourceAttrError: Resource doesn't have the requested attribute

Could you help me with how to get the actual end date for this case?


I find out the way for this attribute name. It is actual_due_date.

I got it from:

  • Go to redmine page,
  • Press F12,
  • Select “issue” on the left side tree and
  • Select “Console” on the top bar.

Then find your attributes here. In my case like

enter image description here