Python Script Uploading files via FTP

I would like to make a script to upload a file to FTP.

How would the login system work? I’m looking for something like this:


And any other sign in credentials.


Use ftplib, you can write it like this:

import ftplib
session = ftplib.FTP('','USERNAME','PASSWORD')
file = open('kitten.jpg','rb')                  # file to send
session.storbinary('STOR kitten.jpg', file)     # send the file
file.close()                                    # close file and FTP

Use ftplib.FTP_TLS instead if you FTP host requires TLS.

To retrieve it, you can use urllib.retrieve:

import urllib 

urllib.urlretrieve('ftp://server/path/to/file', 'file')


To find out the current directory, use FTP.pwd():

FTP.pwd(): Return the pathname of the current directory on the server.

To change the directory, use FTP.cwd(pathname):

FTP.cwd(pathname): Set the current directory on the server.

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