QuantExt-Python installation error: No such file or directory: ‘../../LICENSE.TXT’

I was installing QuantExt in cmd & anaconda prompt but it failed with this error code. please solve this problem.

C:Userscksgh>pip install QuantExt-Python
Collecting QuantExt-Python
  Using cached QuantExt-Python- (1.0 MB)
ERROR: Command errored out with exit status 1:
     command: 'c:userscksghappdatalocalprogramspythonpython39python.exe' -c 'import sys, setuptools, tokenize; sys.argv[0] = '"'"'C:\Users\cksgh\AppData\Local\Temp\pip-install-3q8h8iok\quantext-python_d408167b32cd4faa8f2deadf8d7654d3\setup.py'"'"'; __file__='"'"'C:\Users\cksgh\AppData\Local\Temp\pip-install-3q8h8iok\quantext-python_d408167b32cd4faa8f2deadf8d7654d3\setup.py'"'"';f=getattr(tokenize, '"'"'open'"'"', open)(__file__);code=f.read().replace('"'"'rn'"'"', '"'"'n'"'"');f.close();exec(compile(code, __file__, '"'"'exec'"'"'))' egg_info --egg-base 'C:UserscksghAppDataLocalTemppip-pip-egg-info-25m1rjsb'
         cwd: C:UserscksghAppDataLocalTemppip-install-3q8h8iokquantext-python_d408167b32cd4faa8f2deadf8d7654d3
    Complete output (7 lines):
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
      File "C:UserscksghAppDataLocalTemppip-install-3q8h8iokquantext-python_d408167b32cd4faa8f2deadf8d7654d3setup.py", line 251, in <module>
        license          = codecs.open('../../LICENSE.TXT','r+',
      File "c:userscksghappdatalocalprogramspythonpython39libcodecs.py", line 905, in open
        file = builtins.open(filename, mode, buffering)
    FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '../../LICENSE.TXT'
ERROR: Command errored out with exit status 1: python setup.py egg_info Check the logs for full command output.


The traceback indicates a packaging error; it looks like setup.py inside the QuantExt package attempts to access a file which the author forgot to include, or misspelled the path to.

If you are handy with Python, you might be able to download the package sources and patch them; but if not, there really isn’t much you can do except try to find an older version which works, or wait for an update from someone who is able to fix it and publish a new version.