regex for strings that are Uppercase letters with numbers of minlength 6, and Uppercase letters with numbers of minlength 6 and hyphen and only number

Currently i have this regex:


I want this regex to match any “string” in a paragraph that is:

Uppercase alphabets with numbers and min length 6

Uppercase alphabets with numbers with hyphen and min length 6

Only numbers with min length 6.

This regex above works, however it still matches only alphabets and i want to exclude this how?

A1A1A1A1A1A1A1A1 --> should match
12222222222222DE --> should match
'PRODUKT', 'PRODUKT', 'NICKNAME', 'PRODUKTNAME' --> shouldn't match any of this but its matching
123456 --> should match
6203-5458 --> shouldn't match
234SS-4NNNAA --> should match


You can use


See the regex demo. Details:

  • (?<![dA-Z-]) – immediately to the left, there should be no digit, uppercase letter or -
  • (?=[dA-Z-]{6,}) – immediately to the right, there must be 6 or more digits, uppercase letters or -
  • (?:[d-]+[A-Z]|[A-Z-]+d)[A-Zd-]* – one or more digits or - and then an uppercase letter or one or more uppercase letters or hyphens and then a digit and then zero or more uppercase letters, digits or hyphens
  • | – or
  • [0-9]{6,} – six or more digits.