Regex – remove everything before and include the current criteria

Im trying to create a pattern and to remove everything before and including the patter if possilble.

My sample text is:

Building configuration...

Current configuration : 32546 bytes
! Last configuration change at 22:48:59 UTC Wed Jan 6 2021 by bobb
! NVRAM config last updated at 22:35:10 UTC Mon Nov 2 2020 by johns
version 16.10

Id like anything before version removing, I didn’t mind the first ! so I have the below which gets the NVRAM line

^! NVRAM.+

now what would my python/regex look like to remove that NVRAM line and everything before it?

Thanks for any help


You can use

A(?:(?!! NVRAM).*n)*! NVRAM.*n*
A(?:[sS]*?n)?! NVRAM.*n*

See the regex demo #1 and regex demo #2.


  • A – start of string
  • (?:(?!! NVRAM).*n)* – zero or more sequences of lines that do not start with ! NVRAM
  • (?:[sS]*?n)? – an optional sequence (it is necessary if the line starting with ! NVRAM is the first line) any zero or more chars, as few as possible, up to the first newline char that is followed with the subsequent subpatterns
  • ! NVRAM.*! NVRAM and the rest of the line
  • n* – optional zero or more newlines.