Removing duplicate lines in tkinter text widget

Is there any way to remove duplicate lines in tkinter?

Here’s the code:

from tkinter import *

root = Tk()

def remove_duplicate():
    # Code to remove all duplicate lines in the text widget

text = Text(root , width = 65,  height = 20, font = "consolas 14")

text.insert('1.0' , '''Hello worldnnHello worldnnBye byennnnnBye byenBye bye''')

remove_button = Button(root , text = "Remove Duplicate Lines" , command = remove_duplicate)


Here when I click on the remove_button, I want all the duplicate lines in my text widget to be removed.

In this case, I have the string:

Hello world

Hello world

Bye bye

Bye bye
Bye bye

, so when I remove the duplicate lines, I should get something like:

Hello world

Bye bye

Is there any way to achieve this in tkinter?

It would be great if anyone could help me out.


The basic idea is to get all the text in the widget, remove the duplicates and add to a new list. Now add the new list items to the text widget, like:

def remove_duplicate():
    val = text.get('0.0','end-1c').split('n') # Initial values
    dup = [] # Empty list to append all non duplicates
    text.delete('0.0','end-1c') # Remove currently written words
    for i in val: # Loop through list
        if i not in dup: # If not duplicate
            dup.append(i) # Append to list
            dup.append('n') # Add a new line

    text.insert('0.0',''.join(dup)) # Add the new data onto the widget
    text.delete('end-1c','end') # To remove the extra line.

I have explained it with comments to understand-on-the-go. This seems pretty straightforward, though I am sure it can be optimized more.

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