Rotate plot in matplotlib figure by 90 degree

I am trying to rotate plot inside matplotlib figure by 90 degree. I found out this post but it uses pyplot and I am using simple plot so that does not work, Also he doesn’t explain the code for rotating pyplot but mentions transform property can also be used to rotate simple plot graph. I tried searching online for transformation tutorial but could not understand the concept.

Here is me code snippet

from matplotlib.figure import Figure
import numpy

# random data
data = numpy.random.randn(100)

# making figure on which plot will be draw
fig = Figure(figsize=(11, 8),dpi=100)
# adding plot to figure
plot1 = fig.add_subplot(111)
# plotting values

# saving figure for later use

It produces following result;

current output

But I want this kind of output;

required output


To rotate graph you can use this trick by changing axis (x, y) -> (y, x) and rotate current x-axis:

x = numpy.arange(100)
data = numpy.random.randn(100)
plot1.plot(-data, x)

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