Trying to create exe file from with a script importing pygame

this is what I get after running the exe file for my space-invaders game even with the assets folder in the dist folder. the command use to create the exe was: pyinstaller --onefile --noconsole

image of error


From documentation.

Helping PyInstaller Find Modules

Extending the Path If Analysis
recognizes that a module is needed, but cannot find that module, it is
often because the script is manipulating sys.path. The easiest thing
to do in this case is to use the –paths option to list all the other
places that the script might be searching for imports:

pyi-makespec –paths=/path/to/thisdir

These paths will be noted in the spec file in the pathex argument. They will be added to
the current sys.path during analysis.

Try to add path to that module and see if it will work after.