Type Markdown and LaTeX: ๐›ผ2 error in Jupyter Notebook

I have written Python in Jupyter Notebook but I have never got an error of this sort before. I am not sure why it says “Type Markdown and LaTeX: ๐›ผ2 error”. I have used pandas.read_excel() to read my xlsx files previously. But, of late I realize that xlrd has stopped supporting xlsx files. Therefore, I installed the openpyxl engine.

This is not much of an error in the code since the pandas function does its job of extracting the data from my excel file using the openpyxl engine. However, when I clicked “Run” in Jupyter Notebook it used to run the python interpreter for the line and then open up a new line for me to enter the next set of instructions. But, the message prevents me from writing the next instruction.

What I did differently this particular time is that I created a new conda environment and installed only the packages I require – numpy, matplotlib, scipy, pandas, jupyternotebook, and openpyxl. The package openpyxl was installed separately using conda install openpyxl=2.5.7 to allow pandas to read xlsx file. Pandas required openpyxl > 2.5.7 and conda install openpyxl installed version 2.4.0 from bioconda. Hence, installed with ‘conda install openpyxl=2.5.7’

Error Message not permitting me to write the next line of instruction


You created an empty markdown cell under you pd.read_excel cell. Empty markdown cells are automatically rendered with this content when empty.

If you want to edit the content of that cell, double click on it. If you want to change the nature of the cell, go to Cell > Cell type