VSC highlighted lint errors

I´m using flake 8 to lint my Python code. On the editor’s mini map (right panel of editor) any error/warning is highlighted but in the editor it self it only draws a underline. Sometime the underline is just under a single character and sometimes hard to find.

Even though I know the error is in the area I selected using the mini map it’s very hard to find. To me error should jump out your eyes. Please see the attached print with 2 one char errors and the mini-map highlight pointed by red arrows.
Sample code with underlined errors on editor and highlighted lines in the mini map

So I’d like to solve this problem by highlighting the hole line with error in the editor and if possible keep the underline just to point me the exact place the error is (not required – finding the line and seeing which error it is hovering the error makes it easy enough to find the place where the error is).

I’ve search for this a lot using Google and Stackoverflow. I’ve found how to changed the color of warning and errors, but not how to changed the underline line to a highlighted one.


You can have a try with the Extension of Error Lens. It works like this:

enter image description here

Official docs