Windows- Pyinstaller Error “failed to execute script ” When App Clicked

I am having a tough time overcoming this error, I have searched everywhere for that error message and nothing seems relevant to my situation:

"failed to execute script new-app" 

new-app is my python GUI program. When I run pyinstaller using this command:

pyinstaller.exe --onedir --hidden-import FileDialog --windowed --noupx

It does work smoothly. In addition, when I execute the command line to run the gui program, it works perfectly and the GUI is generated using this command:


But when I go to that file hopefully to be able to click the app to get the GUI, it gives me the error said above. Why is that?

I am using python2.7 and the OS is Windows 7 Enterprise.

Any inputs will be appreciated and thanks a lot in advance.


Well I guess I have found the solution for my own question, here is how I did it:

Eventhough I was being able to successfully run the program using normal python command as well as successfully run pyinstaller and be able to execute the app “new_app.exe” using the command line mentioned in the question which in both cases display the GUI with no problem at all. However, only when I click the application it won’t allow to display the GUI and no error is generated.

So, What I did is I added an extra parameter –debug in the pyinstaller command and removing the –windowed parameter so that I can see what is actually happening when the app is clicked and I found out there was an error which made a lot of sense when I trace it, it basically complained that “some_image.jpg” no such file or directory.

The reason why it complains and didn’t complain when I ran the script from the first place or even using the command line “./” is because the file image existed in the same path as the script located but when pyinstaller created “dist” directory which has the app product it makes a perfect sense that the image file is not there and so I basically moved it to that dist directory where the clickable app is there!