CORS Node.js in chrome browser

I am using Heroku and netlify to host

Now I m using cors in backend and it needed to be switched on using a chrome extension on my pc for the cards section to work.

But not everyone will know to enable cors access through extension to see my website. So how do I make it so everyone can directly see it


Use the npm cors package in your nodejs program, and place your netlify origin on the allowed list.

Something like this might work.

const express = require('express')
const cors = require('cors')
const app = express()

var corsOptions = {
  origin: ''


app.use(cors(corsOptions))           //cors for all routes
app.options('*', cors())             //cors for preflight requests

This causes your nodejs program to include the appropriate CORS headers in its responses to requests from your html / js code hosted on netlify.

You definitely don’t want to require a web extension for your users. If you do, you won’t have many users. 🙂