Do I need to have redux library installed as a dependency while using @reduxjs/toolkit?

Do I need the redux library[Core] installed if I am using the @reduxjs/toolkit in my react application?

The new documentation is not clear on that.

React-Redux Docs


The documentation does not tell you to install redux [Core] library at all instead it mentions to do so

npx create-react-app my-app --template redux

This does not download just the core but also a bunch of other tools as well.

If in case u wish to add redux to an already existing app then u should first install react-redux library and then the @reduxjs/toolkit.

A major advantage of using the @reduxjs/toolkit is that it can be used to createSlice and configureStore which indeed replaces a lot of boiler plate code like the traditional createStore,combineReducers,applyMiddleware,bindActionCreaters and it also eliminates the requirement of getState,dispatch and all other boiler plate code.

ReduxJs Toolkit Docs