Generating index.js files exporting all (thousands) components

when looking into libraries such as material-ui, it becomes quite clear that there’s some sort of script which takes care of exporting thousands of components at the same time from an index.js file.

If we look e.g. here, I can only assume that this file wasn’t generated by a person (8k+ exports).

Before I reinvent the wheel, is there some standard library that one uses to create those export files? Or does rollup or some other bundler create them on the fly?


They export all icon components using a custom script called builder.js. This script is run when you execute this command: npm run src:icons. Here is the relevant part.

async function generateIndex(options) {
  const files = await globAsync(path.join(options.outputDir, '*.js'));
  const index = files
    .map((file) => {
      const typename = path.basename(file).replace('.js', '');
      return `export { default as ${typename} } from './${typename}';n`;

  await fse.writeFile(path.join(options.outputDir, 'index.js'), index);

options.outputDir is the directory that contains all component files, in this case packages/material-ui-icons/src