How can I change 2 different variables independently with a single function in React?

I’m new to React and I have a short and stupid question, but my poor phrasing makes it so that I haven’t been able to find the answer by searching for it.

Basically, I have 2 password fields. I want to show and hide each one independently, but I would like a more elegant way than having 2 different functions with their own variables like this:

  const [showPassword1, setShowPassword1] = useState(false);
  const [showPassword2, setShowPassword2] = useState(false);

  const togglePasswordVisiblity1 = () => {
    setShowPassword1(showPassword1 ? false : true);
  const togglePasswordVisiblity2 = () => {
    setShowPassword2(showPassword2 ? false : true);

With the respective buttons below:

<span onClick={togglePasswordVisiblity1}>Show/Hide</span>
<span onClick={togglePasswordVisiblity2}>Show/Hide</span>

I’m sure there’s a way to regroup these into a single function that changes the right variable based on which span is clicked, but I haven’t had any luck finding the syntax. Sorry again for this question, hopefully it can be answered quickly!

Thanks in advance for your help.


const [state , setState] = useState({
    showPassword2: false

const togglePasswordVisiblity1= e => {
    const {name , value} =
    setState( prevState => ({
       [name]: prevState[name] ? false : true


<span name='showPassword1' onClick={togglePasswordVisiblity1}>Show/Hide</span>
<span name='showPassword2' onClick={togglePasswordVisiblity1}>Show/Hide</span>