How can I display map full screen and centered with react-simple-maps

I am facing this issue when I want to display Mexico mapenter image description here As you can see is not showing completely, I dont want to be able to zoom in, I just want the map to be shown centered and complete

this is my code so far.

const geoUrl = ''
//const geoUrl = mapa2 ;
return (
<h1>Bienvenido a Blog!</h1>
<ComposableMap style={{backgroundColor:'gray'}} projection={'geoAlbers'}>
      <Geographies style={{backgroundColor:'green', bottom:100}} geography={geoUrl}>
        {({ geographies }) =>
 => (
            <Geography key={geo.rsmKey} geography={geo} />


To center the map you could use projectionConfig props with center. Something like:

      style={{ backgroundColor: "gray" }}
        center:[-5, 25]

The result is:

enter image description here

Here a codesandbox of your code modified.