How to add multiple entry points for React in Laravel project

Is there a possibility to set singe value on React rc-slider Range component? At present to do that I need to drag the second handle in front of the first one or the first one drag after the second one and this behavior is allowing user to drag the handle behind the rail if we are on the edge values enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

I would like to set this up like on the third image it would show from eg. 39 to 39. Here is my code

import React, { useState } from "react";
import Slider, { Range } from "rc-slider";
import "rc-slider/assets/index.css";

export const RangeSlider = ({
}) => {
    const [minVal, setMinVal] = useState(min);
    const [maxVal, setMaxVal] = useState(max);
    const props = {
        onChange: value => {
            if (stereo) {
            } else {
        min: min,
        max: max,
        defaultValue: stereo ? [0, 100] : 0
    return (
            {error && (
                <span className="position-outside">
                    <i className="fas fa-exclamation-circle fa text-danger mt-2"></i>
            <div className="text-primary h6 mb-3">
                    {stereo &&
                        `Od ${minVal}${
                            displayUnit ? " " + displayUnit : ""
                        } do ${maxVal}${displayUnit ? " " + displayUnit : ""}`}
                    {!stereo &&
                        `${minVal}${displayUnit ? " " + displayUnit : ""}`}
            {stereo ? <Range {...props} /> : <Slider {...props} />}

I am aware that single range slider is for single values, although the client has requested this feature. Thanks


Firstly my apologies for making a confusion with the title and a question, the title should be different, I have found the bug I thought it was rc-slider, however it was me translating the second rail to be contained within the track, I have explained everything in detail in this post styling rc-slider track to contain handles within itself therefore I am closing this one. Thanks