how to delete element from array

I’m facing an issue to fix a bug.

I’m getting data from dataBase. the data ( object ) contains an array of names. I have useState hook that contains an array of objects. The value is names. I want to delete every object from the useState hook that much the name from the array fetched for dataBase.

Exp: = ["player1", "player2"]

const [names, setNames] = useState([
{value: "player1", label: "player1"},
{value: "player3", label: "player3"},
{value: "player2", label: "player2"},
{value: "player5", label: "player5"},

I want the names become like this:

{value: "player3", label: "player3"},
{value: "player5", label: "player5"},

with minimum time complexity ( I’m already using .map to serve other hook with the names, if I can use it it will be perfect for the time complexity )

Thank you


That just sounds like a filter to me. Can’t you just do something like this:

setNames(names.filter(name => !

For reference, here’s that working without React:

const names = [{
    value: "player1",
    label: "player1"
    value: "player3",
    label: "player3"
    value: "player2",
    label: "player2"
    value: "player5",
    label: "player5"

const response = {
  data: {
    players: ["player1", "player2"],

const filteredNames = names.filter(name => !