How to get child’s element state from parent

I have a SortSelect(child) component that I want to put in my Home(parent) component.

export default function SortSelect() {
    const classes = useStyles();
    const [sortType, setSortType] = useState('asc');
    const handleChange = (event) => {

    return (
            <FormControl className={classes.formControl}>
                    inputProps={{ 'aria-label': 'Without label' }}
                    <MenuItem value='asc'>Count asc</MenuItem>
                    <MenuItem value='desc'>Count desc</MenuItem>
                    <MenuItem value='a-z'>Name A-Z</MenuItem>
                    <MenuItem value='z-a'>Name Z-A</MenuItem>
                <FormHelperText>Sort by</FormHelperText>

I need to get SortSelect’s sortType state, so I can sort my array. How can I do this?


That really doesn’t sound like a pattern that you should implement with React. If the parent component needs that state, then it should handle it and pass the state as a prop to SortSelect.

If it needs the sortType only momentarily instead of having it in its state, then you could simply pass a callback from Home to SortSelect that’s called in SortSelect‘s handleChange function.

Just as a note, it is possible to expose state to a parent component using React’s useImperativeHandle hook, but you really shouldn’t use that unless you are 100% sure of what you’re doing.