How to hide element in 2 seconds in React

I use Tailwind-css and React and want to hide div-element after 2 seconds. The user press the button and a snackbar apears for 2 sec to show that the suggestion was sent. I use setTimeout but it is not correct variant. Function Snackbar get props whether snackbar open (snackbar = true), message on the snackbar (suggestResponse.message) and should sent if snackbarClose (false)

const SnackbarResult = ({
}: ISnackbarProps) => {
  if (snackbar) {
    setTimeout(() => snackbarClose, 2000);
  if (!snackbar) return null;
  return (
    <div className="bg-green-500 fixed right-2 bottom-1 font-medium p-2 md:p-5">


You should put setTimeout inside the useEffect so you can clear the timeout when component re-render or un mount.

useEffect(() => {
  if (snackbar) {
    const timeout = setTimeout(() => snackbarClose(), 2000);
    return () => {
}, [snackbar]);