Keen slider continious autoplay

I want the slider to move continuously without snapping. I’ve enabled free mode but on autoplay slides still snap. I searched the documentations but got no help. Is there any workaround for this?

Here’s the slider with autoplay and mode:"free".

Documentation for keen slider:


The only option was to adjust the slide times and autoplay times, heres my code:
(This code is from Keen slider’s Free Mode example.)

var sliderElement = document.getElementById("my-keen-slider");
var interval = 0;

function autoplay(run) {
interval = setInterval(function () {
  if (run && slider) {;
}, 3000);

var slider = new KeenSlider(sliderElement, {
loop: true,
mode: "free",
duration: 180000,

The part I edited is duration: 180000 and interval‘s interval (3000). This made it LOOK LIKE its continuously scrolling. Other answers are also welcome.